Graham Davidson

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Who is Graham?

After four decades working as a highly awarded advertising creative designing, script writing, animating, and directing, Graham Davidson felt it was time to break free of his commercial constraints and start focusing more on his own creative projects.
While continuing his work in advertising, he now devotes an increasing amount of his time to writing, illustrating children's books, and painting.

The Witches of the Cross-worlds

Discover the adventure filled series, aimed at a middle-grade and YA audience, that follows the story of Patsy McIntyre as she comes to grips with her destiny as the descendant from a long line of witches with a sacred duty to protect humanity from the dangers lurking within the Cross-worlds.
The first two books are available now, and book three, Nasqa Vengeance, will be out soon.

Junior Novels

An active member of the Hunter Writers Centre's children's writing group, Graham was short listed for the Writer's Unleashed Picture Book Prize in 2017. However, long form writing is where his heart is.  Learn about the story behind his first junior novel, "The Adventures of Chitch-a-ka-mow-wah and Pip the Winder Dog: Rise of the Shadow People," and about the junior novel Graham is currently working on, featuring a group of cockroaches fleeing persecution from the humans who have fumigated the only home they've ever known.

Picture Books

When Graham teamed up with Emily S Smith to start Storytime Lane, it also led to him diving into illustrating picture books for children.
With two books completed, the third is in production and should be finished soon.
If you want to know more about Storytime Lane, then click here.

Spec Fiction

Graham's heart has always been in the realms of speculative fiction... specifically sci-fi and fantasy.
His introduction to writing was his 130,000 word novel, Fire in the Veins: Genesis of the End, the first in what he intends to make a series.
He is also currently working on a ghost story based around accounts of strange happenings at  a local gallery/café.

Short Stories

The first work Graham had published was retelling of the Cinderella story for the YA anthology "Wish Upon a Southern Star."
Another story has been accepted for an upcoming spec fiction anthology that should be available soon.


Having twice won categories in the Maitland Art Prize, throughout his life Graham has always enjoyed painting with oils and has displayed his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions over the years.
His work encompasses everything from surreal dreamscapes to playful cartoon style images.


Having worked as an animator for so long, Graham has also produced a substantial amount of illustration work over the years. In 2017, his illustration to accompany a short story, Rackus, Hero of the Universe, was runner up in the Creative Kids' Tales illustration competition.

Life Drawing

It's been said that life drawing is the foundation stone for all visual creativity. Graham maintains his drawing skills while facilitating life drawing sessions each week at the Hunter Artisan Gallery and Café in East Maitland