Graham Davidson

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Short Stories

Like many writers, Graham spends a good deal of time honing his craft writing short stories.

His first published work was a ten thousand word retelling of the Cinderella story for an anthology of retold fairy tales for a YA audience, Wish Upon a Southern Star.


When Cindy attends the royal ball for the 1500th time, Krinkle-myst, a wood elf tasked with weaving the fabric of the universe through the use of fairy tales, is determined to make sure that this time, she gets it right. But Cindy's stepmother, head of the Wicked Stepmother Corporation, has other plans.

This entertaining 10,000 retelling of the Cinderella story, including in Shelley Chappell's anthology, is Graham's first published work.

The anthology was a finalist in New Zealand's prestigious Sir Julius Vogel Awards for sci-fi and fantasy.

You can pick up a copy from Amazon here.


There'll be another anthology released soon featuring one of Graham's short stories. Details will be made available on this site as soon as it's released.

Over time, Graham intends to post some of his other short stories on the side for free download as PDF or EPUB files.